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Starting a school club for the first time can be a difficult task, particularly for many primary schools where space and financial resources may be limited or stretched. PTA’s are the traditional source of additional funding but even their resources can be stretched to meet the many demands form other area’s within a school. The main costs for setting up a club are for tables, nets, bats and balls. This can cost between £2,000 and £3,000 just for the most basic of equipment based on a 4 table setup. This can be a lot of money to spend on a new venture but being part of the Table Tennis Rother can be a great advantage as schools do not need to access internal funds. Funding a Club Table Tennis Rother can work with schools in a number of ways to establish the sport within your school. Firstly we can setup a club using our own equipment, where available, providing upto 4 tables per venue as well as nets,bats and balls, infact everything thats needed to kick off a really great opportunity for your pupils. Alternatively we can help a school obtain its own equipment through grant applications and we provide the coaching. We usually advise schools to go for the first option initially with the loan of tables. This can demonstrate to would be funding organisations, such as Sport England, that their is demand and that the project being funded will likely be more successful and ongoing after the funding has been exhausted, usually a period of 12 months. We have been involved in 17 successful grant applications in the past 18 years obtainsing awards from various sources including the recent Foundation for Sport and the Arts, Awards 4 All (part of the National Lottery, Active Sussex, Active Rother and Sports England Small Grants Programme. If your school is lucky to have some tables already then we could just provide the coaching along with bats and balls etc. Funding is usually via a session fee payable by parents direct to the club. Why Use Table Tennis Rother Table Tennis Rother Sport England Club Mark Accredited and is a Table Tennis England Premier Ability Club. We have been working with schools for over 35 years providing regular extra Curricular clubs , one off visits/festivals as well as short and longer terms projects, the later of which usually funded by external bodies. We can also deliver TTKIDz Schools which provides an eight week programmme of 1 hour weekly sessions for KS2 children where tables are not needed. To find out more just contact us and we would be more than happy to discuss an opportunity tailored to your school. We are also happy to visit your school to dicuss at a mutually convienent time for you.