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Junior Umpires Award

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The Junior Umpire Award is open to all young people. It is designed to improve knowledge and test basic practical skills in the umpire of table tennis. The award may also be used as part of the General Certificate of Secondary Education (GCSE) Table Tennis, Sports Leader UK Awards, Duke of Edinburgh Awards, Table Tennis Networker Award and Young Officials Award. There is NO minimum age restriction and playing experience is not required to take this award. Umpiring can be a most rewarding and enjoyable experience and England has some of the most highly respected umpires in the world. Opportunities to use umpiring skills are available in clubs, leagues and in many competitions across England. The ambitious can umpire abroad at international matches , world championships and even the Olympic Games!

Take The Test Now!

Academy players and members can get started straight away!. We have now put the test paper online so you can get your award underway right now. Once you have passed the test paper you will then need to umpire some matches to complete your award. Firstly you will need to download the lastest ETTA Laws of Table Tennis.

Award Resources

Laws of Table Tennis Roles of the Umpire Test Paper


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