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Primary Leadership Award

Table Tennis the Way You Like It
Our Primary Table Tennis Leaders Award is especially for Year 6 pupils who attend an after school club and would like to take their first steps in Sports Leadership. Our Primary Table Tennis Leadership Award will help you improve both your knowledge of table tennis as well as helping you to develop leadership skills which you will find useful as you get older. The Award involves completing a number of activities which you can do in your own time. You will be given plenty of opportunities to complete these tasks during your school club but there might be a task or two that you will need to complete at home. During the award you will learn the basic rules of the game, the strokes that make up the game, organise some small competitions as well as umpiring and helping others in your club that might need some help. After you have completed your tasks successfully you will receive our special certificate to mark this special occasion and become a Table Tennis Rother Official Primary Table Tennis Leader. There are other awards you can take as you get older. These include our Junior Table Tennis Leaders Award, Table Tennis England’s Junior Umpire Award as well as the Table Tennis Networker Award.