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Junior Banded Events

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Our Junior Banded Events are currently open to young people who live within East Sussex. The aim of the events is to provide access to competitions outside of a players own immediate area at a suitable level, thus building on a players confidence. To enable this to occur all events are banded with players placed into an appropriate band according to their current level of experience and ability. This results in some more close and exciting matches for players. All events are group based to give maximum experience throughout All players are reuired to umpries matches in their group on a rota basis, however, in the lower bands extra help is available . Events are organised in Battle , Bexhill, Eastbourne and Rye where we work in partnership with local clubs and other organisations to ireach as many young players as possible. We understand that young players who have perhaps just started out are more likely to take part in a local event in the initial stages as they are likely to feel more comfortable. Once confidence builds they start to travel further afield. As these events develop we aim to run an event for players from across Sussex leading to the establishment of some 1 and 2 Star Open events in the coming years. Any club or orgainsation within East Sussex who would be interested in working in partnership with us to bring a Junior Banded Event to local juniors are welcome to contact us to discuss an event. During the 2016/17 season we aim to bring on a couple of new venues to the circuit including an additional venue in Eastbourne and Bexhill. Plans are also being developed to run a small event in Hastings.