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National League Success for Team


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Team Rother’s ‘A’ Team ended the 2017/18 season with a note of success. The team, consisting of Dan Lane, Jacob McCarthy, Sean Lane and Tristan Hyland completed a highly competitve season to take the runners-up spot in Division 2 of the SE Regional event in Tunbridge Wells. The players performed well during the season but werent able to see the final session through in Division 1. Unfortunately for the ‘B’ Team, Sam Stockdale., Emily Koester and Ryan Hedges performed very well in the 3rd of the 4 sessions that they ended up getting promoted to division 1 for the final round. Team Rother C, Oliver Cherriman, Ryan McMahon and Ted Filbly also had a great first season with some first class performances but remained in Division 2 for most of the season. The team, consisting of newcomers this year, showed promise for the future. Well done to all the Team Rother Players for playing in what proved to be an extremely exciting and rewarding season.