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History of Table Tennis

Table Tennis the Way You Like It

‘History & Origin

Table Tennis is a fast, exciting and competitive sport .... as well as a relaxing, healthy activity. Thought to have started in England in the 1880’s as a parlour or after dinner game based in lawn tennis, it developed into a competitive sport in the early 20th century and grew rapidly into the worldwide, Olympic sport it is today. Who Plays...? Table Tennis is truly a ‘sport for all’ attracting participants from ages 5 - 80+ and all sections of the community. it is an integrated sport where male and female, able bodied and disabled players can play together . In England around 2 million people pay with approximately 40,000 affiliated to the English Table Tennis Association (ETTA) and playing in organised competitions. Where is it played... ? A global sport played in around 200 countries by approximately 300 million people - making it the most popular racket sport in the World. In England Table Tennis is played in a wide variety of venues including schools, community & Sports Centres, church halls, holiday camps, at home and of course in Table Tennis Clubs. What do you need to start....? All you need to start playing is a pair of trainers, casual/sports clothing and a bat. If you join a club it is likely they will provide a starter bat, and if you play at a sports centre bats are often available for hire. Starter bats can be purchased from normal high street sports shops for as little as £6.00 with specialist equipment and clothing available from mail order companies . Getting involved.... Most people enjoy playing recreationally with family and friends, but table tennis clubs can offer a wide range of opportunities to extend the enjoyment of the sport. Some Table Tennis clubs offer coaching, competition , open play and opportunities to get involved as a volunteer. A club that is a registered PremierClub - the ETTA’s national programme for club development - has committed to working towards a ‘quality mark’ that signifies that the club is operating to national standards in areas of club development. Table Tennis also participated in the Sport England Clubmark scheme which promotes ‘safe, effective and child friendly’ sports clubs.